LOOK smart, WORK smart - A fresh way to accessorise

Hey There!

Hey There!

Step into my world, the world of a professional daydreamer, the world NeNe & Bop, where I create wearable art that's wearable by all.

Fashion shouldn’t be scary, intimidating or exclusive… everyone deserves to celebrate their individual style, find confidence through colour and enhance the everyday.

I want you to find the fun in functional accessories, to celebrate your individual style by slipping versatile pieces into your existing wardrobe.

While my creations are born in the world of NeNe & Bop I’m always conscious of the impact they will have once they’re out in our world. It’s so important to me that they make as little of an environmental impact as possible. Because when it comes before fashion, fast is a four letter word.  My pieces are designed to last a lifetime, not just a season. 


Deliberately Designed

  • Thoughtful - designed to have more than one purpose, think multi-use and reversible.
  • Individual - classic pieces for you to choose by how they make you feel, not the trends and fads they follow.
  • Complimentary- pieces that not only work with each other but also your existing wardrobe designed to enhance what you have, not replace.


Consciously Created

  • Sustainably sourced leather, both lighter and stronger than other commercial leathers.
  • Signature red thread, while it obviously looks amazing it also means not swapping out bobbins and spools, eliminating residual thread waste.
  • Every teeny piece is saved, while some itty bitties are still waiting for their time to shine, most are quickly shaped into a pair of earrings or an embellishment for a purse.
  • Investment in high quality and commercial grade machinery, means the ability to create durable pieces that last. 


The world of NeNe & Bop is an ever evolving one, sometimes I don’t even know what I’ll find till I find it!
But the magic of bringing new creations to life, while striving to leave as little waste as possible will always be at the heart of it all.
Where whimsy and responsibility, seemingly chalk and cheese, meld together to create something wonderful.  

It’s certainly not lost on me how wonderfully special your support is, gifting me the opportunity to turn my daydreams into tangible pieces of wearable art, for you to love, to wear and to cherish for years to come.