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Collection: Handcrafted Resin Christmas ornaments

Christmas personified - Heirloom decorations. Designed with sustainability and sparkle in mind.

Welcome to our collaboration with Marie from Bob n Frank.

We share a passion to work towards zero waste in our design work. By using the teeniest pieces of leather and resin we have created the most stunning ornaments that not only sparkle but are a shining beacon for sustainable design for many years to come.

Each ornament has been made from hand-poured resin.

Each piece of leather and resin has been hand placed by Marie with tweezers, layers of resin poured and finished with silver foil leather lacing ready to hang on your tree.

Each handcrafted decoration comes packaged in a silver box to keep safe in-between Christmas each year.

Marie collects all her little scraps from all my resin spills on moulds and I collect the tiny pieces of leather left after making.  

It takes ages to get enough to make anything with, but they are so fun and colourful, and it's the perfect way to showcase something that would typically go in the bin.



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