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Smooth Sailing Packing Tips - or in this case, Fab Flying!

Travelling is brilliant, and I think we’re all feeling pretty blessed it’s well and truly back, after those years…you know the ones. Whether it’s catching up with family and friends in a place you once called home or adventuring to somewhere all together new with your nearest and dearest, travel is pure magic. 

That’s not to say it doesn’t come with its own special variety of stress though.

Trudging through the airport with luggage and kids in tow is NOT a cup of tea…neither is sprinting to catch a connecting flight while frantically searching for boarding passes. 

These tips wont make those issues disappear, but they’re certain to give you a little space to breathe.

1 A Capsule Wardrobe

This one is a clear simple winner, packing complementary items, let’s say four tops, three bottoms, a dress, a jacket, that’s like fifty- two billion outfits right there. Limited packing doesn’t have to mean limited style!  

Connector Clips and Adjustable Straps 

When I created the Purse Plus 2.0 I knew it was going to be versatile, with the connector clips, two sides, changeable and adjustable straps. I wanted it to be able to take you from shopping to a meeting, the markets to date night. But for travel, oh my it really comes into its own.  I’m taking three on this trip with us, one for boarding passes and passports, one for life essentials (phones wallet ect) and one for crafting on the go. Which brings me to number three…

3 Crafting On The Go 

Long flights, long stopovers, long waits, long car rides. There’s so many times when I just want to keep my hands busy and d have something creative to do.  I’m packing a Journey Jacket, a denim jacket I’m going to embroider and embellish to serve as a mishmash of memories.  The best part is, I can wear it when I’m not working on it. DMC threads, sequins, paint pens, needles, a wee hoop and I’m good to go! 

4 Klipsta 

Have you got a Klipsta? They are brill and what more do I need to say? Hand Free Hat Holding…perfect for travel! 

5 Double Use Dust Bags 

Every NeNe & Bop Leather Bag comes in a black cotton dust bag, and they are perfect for packing! I’m using one to hold all my Purse Plus extras, clips, bags and straps- even contents if I don’t need to take them that day. I’ve got them packed in our cases with little things in them, separating and containing the knickers… no one wants them scattered all over the floor of the airport if you have to dig through your bag! 


So there you have it, my top tips! I hope you get some use from them and if you have ay to add, drop them below! 

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