LOOK smart, WORK smart - A fresh way to accessorise


The easiest packing that you’ve ever done, I promise. 

This is an old packing trick I used when we were travelling light, many moons ago, back then it was essential…cramming as much a possible into a backpack.  These days I’m doing it again, it’s always great to travel light, but boy does it help with the overwhelm of what to wear each day.


Five, Four, Three, Two, One

Five- Pairs of socks and undies 

Four - Tops 

Three - Bottoms, skirts, shorts, pants. 

Two - Pairs of shoes 

One - Hat 

Accessories - they’re easy to pack and make such a difference to your outfit. If you want to create and impact on an otherwise plain outfit, a statement pair of earrings, bold necklace or bright scarf is just what you need. 

Bag- now call me biased but obviously I think the Purse Plus is the gem to pack. Clip multiple together to carry all you need at once or clip apart to streamline and use as a clutch. Adjustable straps for crossbody or over shoulder carrying, whatever you need it for it’s ready for you. 


Choosing a limited colour pallet with your clothes, means you can mix and match with ease.  I’m no mathematician, but this is going to give you at least 12 outfits, and many more combinations by mix and matching with accessories and bags. 

This will get you through a neat five day trip on its own, and if you have the ability to a do a wash you’re basically set forever!  

Sometimes I love the simplicity of it so much, I live out of my suitcase for a week after we’ve arrived home! 

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