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Instagram- How to see what you WANT to see

We all know about the “algorithm” and what you interact with you see more of on Instagram, I think most of us know that it’s ever changing and we don’t really have much control over what we do and don’t see.

It’s frustrating for content creators but it’s really frustrating when you’re not seeing the people and businesses you love and follow! I’ve forgotten people exist simply because I haven’t been shown anything of theirs in such a long time! 

Just the other day, someone shared with me how to turn on notifications for the content creators you love, so you never need to miss a post, story or reel again! 

1- Search up your favourites…

2 - Click this little bell in the top right corner…
3 - Flick “ON” the notifications…
4 - Now your bell should have a wee tick…
5- Get notifications and never miss anything again! 
Another one you can try is to set up a favourites list, which will prioritise who you see in your feed and stories! 
1 - Head to your page, click the three lines at the top right, and select “Settings and privacy” 
2 - Click “Favourites”
3 - Search up your favourites… and hit “Add Account” 
4 - Hit “Confirm Favourites” and you should start seeing way more of what you love!
I hope you find this as helpful as I did! Here’s to seeing more of what we love and not missing out on the content creators we adore! 

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