LOOK smart, WORK smart - A fresh way to accessorise

Bits & Bops

I met up with a friend the other day for brunch and I couldn’t help but notice she had a rubber band around her wrist she kept flicking.



We ordered.


We sat back down.


“Right I have to know, what’s with the band?”


“I’m using it to give up caffeine, every time I think about drinking coffee, I give it a flick. Then I’ll associate caffeine with a bad thing”.



So I sipped my tea and she sipped her lemon water and I got to thinking…why do we tend to punish ourselves into better behaviour?


Then I thought about religious jewellery, crosses, Saints and other symbols, there to remind the wearer of their faith and the aligned values.  They serve as a physical reminded of many different things, making good choices (WWJD?), strength, courage, but their faith is at the core of it and the message is (generally) a positive one, not the startling sting of a rubber band. There’s many different kinds, from traditional that have been about for hundreds of years, to the more modern…like the ones below. Which reminds me of the Taylor Swift Era Tour beads that are everywhere at the moment, which I suppose is the same thing. 


But I’m not a bracelet wearer, it’s just not me.

I’m not a bracelet maker either.

But I am a creator, an artist, and I love nothing more than putting my own twist on things. 

What if I could create a reminder, something to encourage myself to make better choices, to be strong, take control of my day?  


To have faith in myself when the day feels dark and dreary.

To know my own strength, when it’s been a long week and I’m feeling vulnerable and flat.

Perhaps something to keep that bright, light, fresh feeling from the new year… you see where this is going don’t you? 

 What would I want to remind myself on a daily basis? This was trickier, it’s just a feeling I’m seeking really.

Light, Bright and Fresh

But what are the actions I can take to keep my MIND light, bright and fresh? 

Seek Joy

Spread Cheer

Pause in Wonder

Summon Courage

Breathe Confidence 

That’s a lot of words, I needed to simplify, I needed symbols.

Symbols to remind me of those five things, to keep things brighter, for a better self.

Five things, to get the dopamine going, for a happier mind.

Which got me thinking, of the old aim for 5 serves of fruit or vegetable daily.

 An emotional daily 5.

 Nourish you mind. Get at least 5. Everyday.

 A Fruity Five, for mental health. 


Fruity Patootie, a light, bright fresh and silly name for a light, bright, fresh and positive collection.  

Fruity Patootie is fun and lighthearted, but carries an important message, to nourish your mind every single day.

Make it as easy (and important) as getting 5 daily serves of fruit or vege.

I can’t wait to share the collection with you… you’ll find earrings in 3 sizes Mega, Midi & Mini, Polly Pocket Purses, the versatile Purse Plus, and the classic favourite, the Ally Bag.

Plus for the first time ever, I’ve created some pieces available only for Newsletter subscribers, and you will have the very first look at the whole collection.  All pieces will be unveiled only on the website, on launch night Sunday 25th February at 6:30pm AEST for Newsletter subscribers and 7pm AEST for everyone else.

For now, enjoy a cheekily obscure sneak peek of the elements…