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Winterfy Your Wardrobe


It’s that tricky time of year again, where it can be really tough to work out what to wear, the mornings start off crisp and cool but by midday it can really warm up.  It can change day by day, week by week too! Monday you’re in a sundress, Thursday you're wearing a scarf and coat, then by Sunday you’re in your swimmers packing for a trip to the beach!   

This weather makes it tempting to stock your wardrobe full of big wool coats and other heavy (and delightful) winter gear. But spending up big on classic pieces really only works if you're going to wear it often, it doesn’t quite count if it’s a wool pea coat you’ll wear once a year because you live bayside in Brisbane.

What this weather really calls for, is Winterfication…using key pieces to Winterfy your wardrobe… did I make that word up? Perhaps, nevertheless enjoy my top tips!


I have to add, that although I am a Pom…there’s a very good reason we moved, and the weather is a big factor! In fact the moment we stepped off the plane is one I will never forget, the blue of the sky that felt never ending and how every colour was so much brighter, sharper and cheerful!

The cloudy dreary old skies of England act like a foggy blanket, diluting all the colour.  Just as I have acclimatised to the weather here, I have become accustom to the colours, even Brisbane’s beautiful mild winters can have me feeling flat and dreary on an overcast miserable day. Bring on tip Number 1…

1- Dopamine Dressing!

We all need a nice flowing supply of dopamine to keep those brains happy and positive.  In the same way active wear can have you feeling ready to conquer the world, or a ball gown can have you feeling like royalty wearing bright coloured clothing, just makes you feel so cheerful! Get that dopamine flowing every morning, even on the bleakest of winter days, with pieces that make you smile! Even if your main outfit is dark, or maybe you have to wear a uniform, you can still bring a pop of cheer with accessories!

I find the most joy comes from putting things together that I wouldn’t normally, and keeping it fresh, changing things up and having variation. I love nothing more than when things click together in the most perfectly, practical, pleasing way!

2- Layering, obvious I know…but hear me out.

Layering is always thought of as a practical necessity …but what if we made it fun! Clashing summer dresses with boots and chunky scarves, pairing a summer dress with a knitted vest and sneakers.  I’m getting Copenhagen Fashion Week vibes and I for one, am absolutely here for it!

Long gone are the days of clothing rules about colours and patterns, and a big goodbye to the “age appropriate” ones too. Sweaters, sneakers, whimsical skirts, bright and bold, soft and floral wear it all and all at once! Play experiments and dress for comfort, function and most of all fun!

3- Denim Jacket

An absolute wardrobe must have

I wear mine right through spring to those unseasonably chilly summer eve’s, this as a classic piece. You could comfortably spend a reasonable amount on a denim jacket, with confidence you’ll have a billion opportunities to wear it, and it will never make you feel dated.

But you can also always pick one up second hand, then (my favourite part) personalise it to your own style in countless ways… fabric paint, embroidery, sew or iron on patches, even temporarily with pins and badges.

I propose we call them “The Potato of Fashion” which sounds terrible but quite frankly they are a staple, go with everything, can be jazzed up to make something really special and everybody likes them! All hail the (dare I?)… Jacket Potato!

So there you have it, my three best tips for Winterfying your wardrobe, get in there with a fresh set of eyes and shop what you’ve got…you never know what joy you can create by adding a cheerful little something or wearing a combination you never thought to try. Have fun, be creative and I would love you to tag me in your outfit creations on socials!

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