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Top Tips to Declutter Your Wardrobe

We've reached that time of year when the seasons change, its getting cooler in the mornings and you've probably forgotten what you wear in the cooler months (or is that just me!).

It's all too easy to continue to fill your wardrobe year after year and forget to cull.  

This is the fun part of a declutter is rediscovering gems you have forgotten about and dusting off old styles to reinvent them.

I did an experiment recently with my children.  I gave them full carte blanche to choose my clothes for a whole week.  They could only choose my clothes so no fairy wings or batman capes to be had.

So, I thought this would be a little bit of fun, I was in control right?  They were choosing from my own clothes after all what could go wrong?

Little did I appreciate that my wardrobe was full to the brim of clothes I didn't want to wear.  

  • Too small
  • Too short
  • Too tight
  • Too blah
  • Too glitzy
  • Too old fashioned
  • Needed fixing

the list went on........

What were they doing there?  Why was I keeping these things and what should I do about it?

It was time to take control and reflect.  My wardrobe had heaps of clothes from my teaching days, shoes that hadn't fitted since I had kids and even an academic gown.  I haven't taught for eight years, my current roles as a mum and creative don't call for semi formal workwear, it was time too declutter.


Tip one

Heres the questions I asked myself 

  1. Does it fit?
  2. Do I like it?
  3. Does it make me feel good when I wear it?
  4. Does it need mending?
  5. Have I worn it in the last year?

I was brutal, like three bin bags brutal.

Tip Two

Divide items into op shop donations and possible resell items. There's a great instagram page called @thecollectiveexchange or Marketplace, DePop or other online stores which are all places to re-sell your high end pieces.

Tip Three

Take the bags straight to the Op shop, then there's no dipping back into them if you have a weak moment.

Tip Four

Turn all your hangers so the hook is facing towards you.  This is an excellent way to see quickly what you haven't worn in a couple of months to filter the last pieces that weren't destined to stay.

Tip Five

Enjoy the extra space in your mind and wardrobe.  Now time to re-invent the pieces that stayed.


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