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Dopamine Dressing

Dopamine Dressing has been a real trend word in the last couple of years, I feel like it’s almost come to describe a particular style though, rather than an idea or concept.

If you did a quick google, you’d find images of beautiful & wildly colourful outfits, that just make me smile and there will definitely be a floofy tulle skirt featured.

But what does it actually mean? What if floofy tulle skirts don’t get the dopamine rushing for you?

You might love a bold black boot over a shiny pair of Birkenstocks.

Or a structured white blouse over a brightly coloured smock dress.

And what if, depending on the day of the week, you love both?

I love colour in my wardrobe, bright & bold? Yes please!

But sometimes I like a wee pop, think earrings, lippy, nail polish, bags, bag straps and other accessories.  Other days I want to wear an entire palette from head to toe! 

I think, Dopamine Dressing starts with knowing what gets your dopamine flowing, what makes you smile, what gives you energy and lifts your mood?

I want you to think for a minute about how you feel if you were wearing the following outfits.  Not if they’d be too tight, or if the material would be scratchy, and certainly not how you’d look, just how the make you feel about yourself, on the inside.

  • First off gym gear, tights sneakers ect. Do you feel motivated? Energetic?
  • What about Pyjamas? Completely different right?
  • What about a perfectly fitting suit or evening gown? Do you want to stand with your shoulders back and head held high?

The same things happen when we wear out everyday clothes, and honing in on this is what dopamine dressing is all about!


What do you love?

What makes you happy?

What colours do you like?

What makes you feel confident or even…powerful?

What makes you feel calm and relaxed?

Dopamine Dressing is all about how YOU feel, and it’s about time we all started caring less about how we look, and started dressing to FEEL amazing! 

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