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Once upon a time I was a teacher…

Once upon a time I was a teacher, although I suppose like many careers it’s probably something you always “are”.  

I’m a recovering teacher? Gosh that could send me on a tangent… let us carry on! 

It is one of those jobs you are though, and can be seen as very black or white. 

You’re perceived as either lovely or mean, fair or unfair, good or bad. 

There are lots of jobs like this, nurses & midwives, police officers and so on, it’s almost as though you become your job and nothing else.

There’s no space for “having a rough day” or “trying you best”, time goes at such a pace, there are times when there is no time to stop, think and appreciate.

You’re supposed to have all the answers, juggle all the balls in the air and never get it wrong.

Which really isn’t human is it? Who does know all the answers.....?

I’m on the other side of it now and I catch myself doing it too.  I think  when we have these people in our lives, there are times we’re pretty vulnerable.  It’s obvious when there are nurses, midwives or police around we’re most likely in a tricky spot, but I suppose it’s the same for teachers too.

We trust our children with them everyday.

We tend to carry with us our own schooling experiences and feelings with us too which can have a really big impact, whether positive or not so.

We also often attach our children’s behaviour to our competency as parents…

So I think it’s pretty safe to say we probably feel quite vulnerable just being the parent of a school kid! 

Maybe when we’re vulnerable we like to think that a perfect person has everything under control?

Maybe when we’re vulnerable we like to feel like we have someone to look up to, someone who’s has all the answers?

Maybe when we’re vulnerable we like to see things in black and white?

But the world isn’t black and white.

The same way our teachers aren’t good or bad, fair or unfair, lovely or mean.

Every one of us are complex & multi faceted and sometimes we forget that. 

So this year, as I’m thinking on thanking the PEOPLE we appreciate, I want to spread joy, colour & personality and I hope you might too.

So take time to let your PEOPLE know how awesome they are 




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