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With A Click, Everything Falls Into Place

It’s so easy to be caught up in all that you are to other people.
It’s easy to forget, to be you.

I feel like a shapeshifter, continuously swapping and changing who I am, for there’s many roles I have to be from one minute to the next. So many hats to wear, parent, partner, nurse, business owner, maker, taxi driver…and none of them truly me, truly all mine.

I never found quite the right bag to carry all these hats and all that goes with them.

They’re forever too small or far too large.
Too beige or too kiddie.
Too backpack when I want a tote.
Too clutch when I want a satchel.
Never quite me.
Never quite my own.

They didn’t adapt, didn’t last and didn’t bring joy…
Day to Day.
Month to month.
Season to season.
Year to year.

The “park with the kids bag” didn’t work for lunch with friends.
The “ducking out the the grocery store” didn’t work for a business lunch.
The “take stuff to entertain them out at dinner” didn’t work for date night.

No longer.

I want you to meet, the Purse Plus 2.0, the game changer, the spark that created the link to bring them all together in limitless combinations.

As I look back, I realise NeNe & Bop has essentially been a journey, of designing ways to carry all the things.

I started painting, and gifting a tote bag with every large framed print.

Then came reusable Market Totes.

Then different sizes of Market

Then came reusable Market Totes and different sizes of Market Totes.


I gave you the Reversible Tote.

Then the ever sweet Quote

I created my first zip-ables…Coin Purses.

They grew a little bigger and along came Pouches.

The Pouches evolved into Clutches, with PVC exteriors to contain sparkles and acrylic

They became bigger still, to hold iPads, and I gave you the Planner Pouch.

Then the Pocket Purse - with a strap that could snap around the waist or be worn across your body.

The Totes then got a PVC makeover and became wipeable and more

Then the original Purse Plus came along- PVC pouches with clipable straps.

I gave you Wristlets and Key Fobs

And personalised with Bag Charms

The Pouch Plus was born, the clipable straps but with a larger base making it bigger than the Purse

I first dabbled in leather with Tassels.

Then I proudly introduced you to the Ally Bag -my very first leather bag.

And along came Polly Pocket Purses, for cards and coins, beautifully popping open for easy

What a list! 
From paintings and trinket bowls, stationary and brooches…to embarking on an evolutionary journey of beautiful practical bags…

Which brings us to now, the Purse Plus 2.0, it cleverly syncs with the Ally Bag, the Purse Plus (OG) and the Pouch Plus (gosh if you have one about I’d love to see it!) 

Wristlet Key Fobs, the Polly Pocket Purses, Bag Charms, Coin Purses, Tassels and Pouches can clip on or slip inside.

It feels like I’ve found the missing piece of a puzzle and everything now clicks into place.

Purse Plus 2.0 the game changer addition to NeNe & Bop.


Hold all you need, to be whoever you need to be…while always being you.

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