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Making memories last longer

two hands covered in paint holding painted hearts
When I think of Mother’s Day I think of fluffy dressing gowns and hot cups of tea drunk in bed. Beautiful cards made by little people with little hands and treasures made of paddle pop sticks coated in glitter, that take pride of place on the fridge and then somehow disappear?  And of course, the customary bunch of flowers with the crunching noise of their cello wrap as littles climb onto the bed to gift their treasures.


I love the sweetness of it all, but come the next weekend when the flowers are due for the compost heap and the bin is full of cello wrap, I can’t help but think how fast the days flick by.  Even a pot of chrysanthemums, or something equally cheerful, to pop in the garden doesn't quite cut it… the poor things hardly last a week here either! If you’re like me, the only time your thumbs are green is when there’s paint on them…


I’ve become even more of a sentimental soul as each year whizzes faster than the previous one and I’ve found myself wishing I could have blooms that would last forever. Ones I could truly cherish every time I held them, that  could sweep me right back to the moment they were gifted.  Back to tiny hands, glitter filled cards, squishy morning faces and fluffy cuddles.


Born of the need to hold those memories close, to make sweet moments last a little longer.  The bloom collection, deliberately designed, delightful blooms available in three sizes, sweet mini buds, beautiful midi blossoms and brilliant mega blooms.  

For every day. Forever. 

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