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Sparkles for Every Hour of the Day

It’s not uncommon to be inspired in IKEA, in fact that’s the whole idea isn’t it? 

However, I do think I might be one of the only people who can be struck by a bolt of inspiration…when looking at possibly the plainest clock I’ve ever laid eyes on! 

I’m going to share it with you, because I just adore it! It would make for a perfect (and thrifty!) handmade gift.  Plus…it’s such an easy project almost anyone can nail it.  I even think, with a little help, it could be the perfect school holiday boredom buster! 


What you need…

1 IKEA TROMMA wall clock 

Assorted sequins 

Assorted small beads 




Let’s get going! 

Firstly the clock has teeny little holes to mark the numbers, so the needle is really just to guide the thread through, this clock was made to be sparkle! 

Thread your needle and pass it through two holes to tie off at the back. Make sure it’s nice and firm.
Grab a sequin and place it on the front of the clock at the first hole in the number 1
Pass the needle from the back, through the hole and the sequin 
Load a bead onto the needle and push it snug against the sequin 
Pass the needle back through the sequin hole 
That’s it! 
You now move on to the very next hole, and keep passing sequining, beading, threading ect ect until you’re all done. 
If you run short on thread, just tie off at the back nice and firm, and start again.
Easy Peasey Lemon Squeezy! 
I guarantee you’ll have a little extra sparkle, in literally every hour of your day! 



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